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Deciding on where to go is the hard bit.

How to Book is very easy.

On the Home Page just enter in the Make a Reservation section


the suburb (place to go?)

the dates you are looking to go away

the number of guests

Then click on Search and the system will do the rest.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these as long as you have the place you want to visit the system can still search for available properties.

The next page will show all the available properties in that area.

Each of the icons will show it is an apartment, house or villa.

Then just select the one you like and send through a request.

The property host will then respond with either a pre-approval, or decline.

If pre-approved you can choose to pay for the property using our secure payment gateway or you can decline and keep looking.

If declined, don’t worry there are plenty more properties to request to book!

Life is short so enjoy it!